Polyurethane foam is the ideal material to protect valuable product for its easily molding property. SK pucore provides great foam packaging solution optimized to customer’s process and required properties.

Architecture Mold

Polyurethane Foam is a great wood alternative for Architecture Molding. Polyurethane molding provides various benefits in properties and processing. It is not deformed by time neither crack, rot, split. Also, it is easy to give complex shape with competitive price.

Artificial Stone

Polyurethane is a great material to manufacture artificial stone. Veneers or panels made from polyurethane is extremely easy to install. It gives realistic looking with cost efficiency.

Leisure & Others

SK pucore can supply Polyurethane systems for various applications such as wakeboard, carpet underlay, concrete lifting, structure support etc. If you have any specific needs with Polyurethanes, SK pucore will be the partner who can provide the right answer and solutions.

SK pucore USA respects and appreciates each partnership we have